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The Big Split

A Proposal for an Alternate Cosmology

The Big Split

Cosmology without Kluges

The Big Split.  An  alternate cosmology.  The videos above supply just the rough outlines of a theory, a cartoon version of what a model should be.  That said, they are also the best way to be introduced to the theory, because it is easiest to understand visually. 

In essence, the Big Bang has far too long been described as if it were an explosion out from a point.  If the universe is infinite now, there could  never have been a singularity.  The universe had to be born infinite.  

The universe also was most likely born at maximal order, since entropy is a function of time.  This gives us initial conditions, from which to predict the unfolding evolution of the universe.

Quantum randomness causes some matter/antimatter collisions to mutually annihilate sooner than others, which could potentially be responsible for the bubble-like pattern of matter and voids that we see in the universe around us today.  

The expansion of space is explained by a new understanding of the relationship between matter and spacetime.  Spacetime was born with matter, and remains connected to it forever, or as long as that matter exists.  Those spacetime bubbles which were born with matter or antimatter which then subsequently annihilated, are no longer constrained by that material, and are free to expand.

Extending that bubble-like view of spacetime to the rotational curves of galaxies, we realize that the spacetime that encompasses a galaxy is also dragged by the matter (or antimatter) within the galaxy, so that each galactic spacetime bubble is spinning around its central supermassive black hole, carrying all material on it.  This spinning disc of spacetime makes galaxies appear as if the matter within them is orbiting too fast, when the matter is actually moving normally within a frame of reference, which is itself moving.

There are a lot more details, but rather than write everything here, I broke those details apart by topic in the Frequently Argued Questions section.  Please feel free to find the topics of your concern there, or ask me a question under the 'Ask Me Anything' heading.  Or send me an email from our Contact page.  Thanks for checking out the theory and the site.

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